Scholarships – Beyond Financial Aid

Being a college student and working with GWOF, I’ve seen both ends of a scholarship. I myself am the recipient of the Knight Foundation Scholarship at the University of Nevada, Reno. On the flip side, with GWOF I’ve been able to start a scholarship at my old high school.

I’ve learned that getting a scholarship does so much more than just knocking out a huge chunk of your tuition. It also provides a bit of emotional support to those who might need it the most.

You see, I get a lot of flack and confused looks from people when I tell them I’m a Journalism major. I don’t blame them. For a long time, I too thought that journalism was all about reporting for newspapers. In the digital world we live in, many assume that it would be a poor career choice. I admit, I questioned it myself.

However, I learned that journalism encompasses so much more than just news writing. Today, it includes all aspects of mass communications- from public relations, marketing, advertising and of course, social media. I decided to use those communication tools to help people in need. A couple years ago I set a goal for myself to build a career in non-profit marketing communications. The Knight Foundation understood my mission and gave me some money to help me along my way.

The idea that someone out there who knows very little about you, (besides your GPA and what you choose to share in an essay) believes in what you hope to accomplish to the extent that they want to help cut costs, can be just the push someone needs to keep moving forward. We all have our moments where we feel inadequate to face the task at hand, but the encouragement of people around us, or in this case- complete strangers, let’s us know we are not alone and we do have the promise to be successful in our careers.