Zawadisha Fund: Micro Loan Grant

The mission of the Zawadisha Fund is to empower and improve the lives of women and children in Kenya by working collaboratively with communities to provide small-scale grants and micro-loans.

We believe that the women and men of Kenya, and Africa as a whole, posses the ability and are best suited to identify the needs and assets in their own communities. With the appropriate support, they can take this knowledge and apply it solving some of the most complex and daunting issues of our time.

Zawadisha strives to shift the paradigm of giving by creating a collaborative, reciprocal approach to aid in Africa. Zawadisha is a Kiswahili word that literally translates into “to give a gift.” Zawadisha’s US-based donors give the gift of financial capital—capital that instantly translates into human capacity. Our beneficiaries give the gift of hope and opportunity. Through them we are inspired by the power of individuals, community, and change.

This fall we held the first Women Empowering Women Fitness Competitio n and were able to award Zawadisha a $1,000 grant towards their efforts in Kenya.