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Castellaro Lagusello

By bettina boop • on July 9, 2009

If you like Garda but you want to keep away from the bustling towns of tourists I suggest a day out at Castellaro Lagusello. Castellaro is situated only few kilometres away from Peschiera Del Garda, near Mozambano, overlooking the river Mincio, on the borderline between Lombardy and Veneto. Castellaro is a real jewel that reflects in a tiny romantic

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Liguria – The lakes of Aveto Valley

By bettina boop • on April 26, 2009

Whoever goes to Liguria thinks of going to the seaside. Nobody would dream of going to Liguria and going to the lake. They would go to Lombardy or Piedmont instead. The Ligurian Apennine offers visitors many opportunities for rewarding excursions into the natural and artistic treasures of the lakes

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Feriolo, the Portofino of Lake Maggiore

By Vacanze Lago • on March 27, 2009

LAKE MAGGIORE – Feriolo hasn’t got to be forgotten while visiting Lake Maggiore. Like all other little villages overlooking the lake, Feriolo has its nice beaches, a lovely romantic dock and nice colourful houses. But this village has something extra. This small town is located on the banks

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By bettina boop • on March 3, 2009

Last weekend I did something different for a change to celebrate carnival: instead of dressing up and glittering my face I found my self among the Battle of the Oranges, manifestation typical of Ivrea. For three days running this village in Piedmont is full of tourists but not only that come to see

Lake Iseo – The pyramids of Zone

Lake Iseo – The pyramids of Zone

By Comemafalda • on March 1, 2009

If you happen to be in the area of Lake Iseo, I would definitely suggest you to visit the Pyramids of Zone Regional Natural Reserve in the area of Cislano (

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Lake Como – Comacina Island

By Comemafalda • on February 18, 2009

This winter so long and cold makes me want to stay in doors on Sundays. The best I can do is see my friends for a pizza or for a film at the cinema (recently I insist on going to the cinema as it is cheaper and doesn’t make me fat). Last Sunday for a change (as I had seen all the films I was interested

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Lake Orta. Searching for silence on San Giulio Island

By Comemafalda • on February 5, 2009

Lake Orta, San Giulio Island. San Giulio Island, tiny island that stands in the middle of Lake Orta, is a place of mists and devotion, ideal for a day out in search of peace and quiet. Boats leave from Orta San Giulio for visits to

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Romantic Bellagio

Romantic Bellagio

By Vacanze Lago • on January 19, 2009

LAKE COMO – Since the times of Pliny the Younger, that in the 1st century AD had a villa made here, Bellagio has been the most beloved town of Lake Como from tourists, travellers and artists. Bellagio is famous first of all for its wonderful position, situated on the tip of the promontory where

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Como in 24 hours

By Vacanze Lago • on January 12, 2009

Como has a nice old town centre of medieval origins. An itinerary to discover Como with it’s artistic, natural and culinary wonders. Sant’Abbondio, the cathedral, the panoramic funicular and the Missoltini with polenta. SATURDAY – 11.00 am Walk on the lakefront Even if the city of Como is situated

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Lake Como – Lenno and Villa Balbianello

By Vacanze Lago • on January 8, 2009

Lenno is a small village situated in the centre on the northwest side of Lake Como, at 27 km north from Como. It has a mild climate and it is located in one of the most fascinating parts of the lake called “Tremezzina”, renowned for its luxuriant vegetation and its calm waters. Villa

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