About Us

The Growing Worldwide Opportunity Foundation, GWOF, was founded on the principles of opportunity which is a broadly defined term that encompasses such nouns and descriptions as advancement, progression or development.  These broadly defined words have a different meaning for every individual on our great planet.

After extensive travel, research and life experience the GWOF founder’s defined opportunity into four basic principles – fresh food and water, shelter, health care and ultimately education. The four GWOF principles give an individual the tools to be self sufficient and ultimately create their own opportunity beyond the basics.  Currently the world has 2.2 billion children and every second child currently lives in poverty (1 billion).  Every second child in the world does not have the basic opportunities in life which ultimately leads to cases of violence, abuse and radicalism.  The children of the world need the basic opportunities in order to make their own opportunities.  As humanitarians and citizens of the world it is our duty to recognize the need to give our children the opportunity they deserve.