A wander around Lake Iseo

By Vacanze Lago • on March 19, 2015

The following post about Lake Iseo is by guest blogger Elisa Pigoli (photos are also provided by my guest)

Many people say travel makes them feel alive; when we travel, we step into the unknown and we let ourselves be guided by the energy of flow in each moment. We find inspiration along the way in the most unlikely places..whether they are far away in another continent or nearby at only a few hours from where we live….The world in which we live is full of wonderful places that are waiting to be discovered!

Today I’m taking you to Lake Iseo , situated just north of the cities of Brescia and Bergamo, in Val Camonica. It’s the smallest of Lombardy’s four major lakes, but it is often bypassed by foreign visitors in favour of its more glamorous Garda, Como and Maggiore, however it’s the quintessential ‘undiscovered gem’ and visitors who go to tranquil Lake Iseo find the same stunning blue mountains and azure water as you may find travelling to the other lakes.

Lake Iseo (also known by its Latin name Sabino) appears like a long blue shadow wedged between mountains in the southern Alps, with rising land on all sides and it would be impossible not to be enchanted by Monte Isola ,  that rises from the centre of Lago Iseo like a dream, after a short trip by ferry leaving from Sulzano or Sale Marasino, in Brescia or Tavernola, in Bergamo. Montisola is the biggest lake island in Europe, it has petrol waters and pastel lakeside village, narrow streets and lakeside paths, far from bustling civilization and traffic chaos that we are all used to nowadays , where you can lose yourself and forget about the passing of time.

But Lake Iseo has much more to offer…..my starting point was the small village of Zone, where we had booked our hotel through Smartbox gift box. The dotted south shore of the lake brings you to the main town, Iseo with it’s medieval origins evident in the street patterns, arcaded shopping areas and peaceful squares. We continue our journey and we find the industrial town of Marone, the ideal place for walks, on foot and on mountain-bikes along the numerous paths that, from the centre, go up towards the Mount Guglielmo.

As breathtaking as the sights of the lake and promenades were, we found some even more interesting spots further up in the hills. Just above the town we were intrigued by the famous Pyramids of Zone , sisters of the equally renowned Pyramids of Segonzano in Trentino. These pyramids are the result of a rare erosion phenomenon and are better known in this area as “Chimneys of the Fairies”. It’s a magical place and if you happen to be in the area I suggest to visit thisnatural reserve, the access is free of charge and it’s easy to get to..

Walking along the ancient cobbled street that leads to the summit of Mount Guglielmo you encounter a fairy tail world that all children love: an outdoor exhibition of sculptures carved directly into the wood by local artist Luigi Zatti called Woods of the Dwarfs , natural reserve, the access is free of charge and it’s easy to get to..

a lush forest where tree trunks have been turned into fantasy characters: a sentinel army of mostly affectionate dwarfs, prosperous mothers, patriarchs and big matrons, but also bears, wolves, leverets, frogs, foxes and cats and there’s a Pinocchio too. While walking through this path you’re cherished by fantastic emotions…you can go back to your childwood for a while… a great therapy that I recommend both to children and adults.

Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey .”

A special thank you to Elisa Pigoli for sharing her article and her experience with us.

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