Is George Clooney planning his wedding at Lake Como?

By Vacanze Lago • on June 27, 2014

Rumors have been circling ever since they had met more than a year and a half ago and moreover after their engagement in April…..But where and when will American actor George Clooney and the beautiful Lebanese lawyer Alamuddin Amal get married? Cincinnati, England, Venice or …. Lake Como ?

George Clooney’s fiancéé was thought to be too busy at the moment with her career and had no time for marriage and that the wedding had been fact the beautiful lawyer didn’t show up in George Clooney’s family reunion in Kentucky to ‘save the world,’

But Starla, George Clooney’s aunt, confirms that the couple will wed in September and reveals the actor’s parents are now planning a trip to Italy in the next week or two, to help with the plans of the wedding and that Brad Pitt will likely be Clooney’s best man.

The Hollywood star and his human rights lawyer fiancée, 36, got engaged at the end of April, after having dating for seven months. They had previously considered the venue at Villa Oleandra at Lake Como, but Amal is said to have felt it was too public.

But you never know…..Remember what Eros Ramazzotti and Marica Pellegrinelli did……they got married in advance not to be pestered by photographers…. Probably Eros and Marica preferred to do everything in secret considering the gossip that has been circulating recently!!!

So maybe George and Amal will make everybody think that they are getting married elsewhere so they can get married in a small corner of paradise at Lake Como….. So keep your eyes open on September 12th  around Villa Oleandra in Laglio . A great event may take place!

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