Canyoning at Lake Como

By Vacanze Lago • on February 28, 2014

If you are looking for a diverse Lake Como experience, the canyoning is for you! This unforgettable experience will provide you with a perfect blend of wilderness, adrenaline and adventure!

Photo by Claudio

Sliding, climbing, diving down in a canyon is an unique experience that does not require special skills, you can do it accompagnied by an official mountain guide.
This activity consist in descending natural canyons that have been formed by the force of water. Throughout the journey you come across natural slides, big jumps into pools of water, scrambling up rocks and swimming through rapids, combining at the same time techniques of both mountaineering and potholing with walking in water, abseiling and ropework.
There are varying levels of difficulty , some canyons can easily be walked or swum through without needing any particular skills while other trials are considered extreme.

It has become very popular all over the world; it has been practiced in Europe for many years, especially in the Alpine countries, Spain and Greece and recently has extended to the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and Nepal.
In Italy there are a
canyoning possibilities in almost every region, although the majority of canyoning sites is concentrated in the northern and central regions .

In the Northern area of Lake Como, you will be able to enjoy a unique experience with Claudio and Stefano, two professional guides in love with the Lake Como region, who offer the possibility of guided tours for various activities.

Photo by Claudio

The canyons of Lake Como include the areas of Val Bodengo, Perlana, in the Esino-Varenna area, in val Lesina and in the region of Lecco. For sure the canyons in Val Bodengo and Val Pilotera are among the most popular in Northern Italy .
You can do canyoning with your friends or with your family and the minimum for children is 10 years (for the easiest routes). You will be provided with all the necessary equipment that includes: helmet, harness, wet suit (5mm), socks and special shoes for canyoning.
Participants need to bring their own swimming costume, towel and a change of clothes, that are necessary for this activity.
Other activities that are organised include climbing (in the region of Lecco, in Val Masino in Valtellina, in the North lake area, in Switzerland,…), trekking on the lake,
mountaineering and ski touring , snowshoe touring , freeriding, ice falls climbing , and of course exciting canyon descents.

We would be happy to organize your excursion and revise the itinerary and price to meet your exact needs. For further information and booking please contact Claudio ​​[email protected] or Stefano . Visit also their website: They will do their best to make sure that your excursion is a memorable one!

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