Exhibition of the famous model trains Rivarossi

By Vacanze Lago • on April 18, 2013

After the inauguration, on March 3rd , of the monument dedicated to the engineer Alessandro Rossi, Como will host and celebrate the unforgettable models of the Rivarossi .

Palazzo Broletto Como Alessandro Rossi first overcame the concept of a toy train turning it into a proper real train realizing his dream of making them in 1:87 scale using the highest quality materials.

At Palazzo del Broletto in Piazza Duomo in Como an exhibition “ RIVAROSSI CAPOLAVORI DI UN MITO ITALIANO NEL MONDO ” of the little model trains Rivarossi will take place from 14 till 28 April 2013 .

Rivarossi has been producing quality models and has always been consider one of the most exotic producers of model trains in the market, becoming a symbol of Made in Italy .

At Palazzo del Broletto there will be an exhibition of many models supplied by Hornby , a historic British company that bought the brand Rivarossi in 2004 and continues to produce and sell toy trains around the world.

The event will exhibit objects, catalogues and rare pieces such as the bright red train model called “Cardinals Train” that celebrated the first 40 years of the Rivarossi in 1985. It will also contain an important testimony of Amleto Della Costa , in charge of the communication and famous author of the logos of the H0 covers of the company.

An exhibition that will completely involve the visitor also by listening to a selection of songs reinterpreted by great voices of the Italian and international musical panorama.

To be fully involved in the Rivarossi , a tour with free shuttle bus has been organized in order to trace the places that represent the company. On the days 14, 20, 21, 25, 27 and 28 April 2013, the shuttle will depart every hour from Palazzo Broletto and arrive at the same point following the route: Sagnino, former factory Rivarossi, Monument to the Myth, Villa Rossi and back.

There is a lot of demand from collectors all over the world for the trains made in the historic factory and they are precious objects of exchange in various international stock exchanges.

The exhibition is open every day from 14th to 28th April from 10 am to 8 pm; Entry Free 2 Euro.

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