Fishing at Lake Como

By Vacanze Lago • on April 15, 2013

Lake Como is Italy’s third largest lake and is located at the foot of the Swiss Alps. It’s a haven of peace and serenity just half an hour from the hustle and bustle of the city. The snowy peaks and lush Mediterranean vegetation give Lake Como a magnificently tranquil atmosphere, and the area has become synonymous with relaxing or romantic getaways.

Fishing Lake Como Lake Como has one of the richest environments of aquatic fauna in Italy and the provinces of Como and Lecco promote and support fishing at Lake Como, for residents and holiday makers who can fish the waters of Lake Como by buying a special licence “Licenza di Pesca Tipo D“(fishing Licence D, for foreigners) valid for a period of 15 days and issued by the provincial offices of Como and Lecco.

The cost is 15€ and shall have to be paid at the post office on the postal account number 528224 addressed to :“Provincia di Como – Servizi Caccia e Pesca – Servizio Tesoreria – via Borgovico 148 – 22100 Como”.

Some fish species are considered at risk and a complete ban on fishing has been issued in order to protect the specie (such as the sturgeon or the loach fish) .

In addition there are limits to the number of some particular fish species that can be caught or held on the fishery. For further information and details .

Fishing is strictly linked to Lake Como culinary tradition.

Lake Como cuisine is in fact based on fresh fish caught in the Lake but also it’s a mountainside cuisine traditionally based on polenta and buckwheat. Fresh fish often takes the form of Agoni and Alborelle, often served as Fritto Misto di Lago (a mixture of fried lake fish), or Perch fish and lavarello served with rice. Very popular is the missoltino lake fish, obtained from salted and dried shad, a fish similar to herring, often served with polenta.

At Lake Como it is also possible to do underwater fishing, especially in the villages of Lenno and Tremezzo (from Azzano pier to the point of Balbianello) and Bellagio , from the pier located in the area of Punta Spavento to the lake front square located in the area of Pescallo.

Fishing at Lake Como is an ancient practice testified by Plinio il Vecchio and was in past times one of the primary sources of subsistence for inhabitants. Once fishing was related exclusively to trade but nowadays fishing has become a real sport, a hobby a form of out- door recreation. Born from the passion for fishing and from the love for the Lake of Como, fish tourism is increasing more and more among those who love the lake and the mountains.

The idea comes from the possibility of combining the traditional fishing, carried out routinely by fishermen, with cultural tourism, introducing through boat trips, seafaring fishing the local surrounding culture and tradition


By stan gronczewski on February 28th, 2015 at 3:15 am

Are there fishing guides in Bellagio? Are trout in the lake?

By Vacanze Lago on March 2nd, 2015 at 12:59 pm

I found this interesting site to suggest where I read that Mella Fish Tourism, located in San Giovanni, a hamlet of Bellagio, organises fishing guided tours aboard of a fish tourism boat. hope you find it useful!

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