Lake Como Cycling Routes

By Vacanze Lago • on November 7, 2011

Cycling is a great way to explore the countryside around Lake Como . The area has lots to offer to both experienced and less experienced cyclists. For experienced cyclists, there are challenging rides up into the surrounding mountains which climb 1,900m in altitude. On the other hand, for those who are not in training for the Tour de France, there are plenty of easy low level cycling routes around Lake Como.

Cyclists who ride around Lake Como will find themselves immersed in greenery, when, for example, they ride along the winding roads of the Pian di Spagna nature reserve or though the Valtellina or Chiavenna areas .

Local cycling association Pedaleggiando plans routes for cyclists in the Lake Como, Alto Lario, lower Valtellina and Chiavenna areas. As well as working to promote low environmental impact tourism, the cycling association’s objective is to help visitors discover the area’s nature, history and culture, as well as to encourage sports and recreational activities that are gentle on the local environment.

The rides Pedaleggiando suggests are either easy going or challenging.

First, the easy rides :

On the top of the lake – Pian di Spagna/south route
Who was Baletrone? – Pian di Spagna/north route
Meandering through the nature reserve – Pian di Spagna/entire route
A tour of the forts – Sorico/Colico forts
Let’s pedal! – Sorico/Piona Abbey
Over the river Adda – Sorico/San Pietro in Vallate Abbey
On the costa dei cech – Sorico/Traona

Valchiavenna! – Sorico/San Pietro Samolaco
Tre pievi tour – Sorico/Dongo

Now, the more challenging cycle rides :

At the foot of Berlinghera – Sorico / Dolo / Peschiera
Looking for Gigiai – Sorico / Alpe Gigia
On Mount Lariani – Sorico / Montalto / Trezzone
From Chestnut to Beech – a tour of the Vercana mountains
Sasso Pelo tour – Domaso / Livo / Dangri
Let’s go to Crotti – Gravesend / Stazzona
A glimpse of Switzerland – Dongo / Passo San Iorio
Three Parishes Tour – Sorico / Santa Maria Rezzonico

For information and descriptions of each cycle route visit Pedaleggiando . Note that while not all the cycle route information is in English, maps of the routes can be downloaded.

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