Malcesine’s Ciottolando Gourmet Tour

By Vacanze Lago • on September 30, 2011

The weekend of 1 and 2 October 2011 , the charming town of Malcesine on the shores of Lake Garda will host the tenth edition of its Ciottolando Gourmet Tour – an exploration of the eateries of Malcesine’s narrow streets in search of traditional Italian flavours.

To take part in this gastronomic tour, visitors will need to pick up a Gourmet Tour card from the shop Olivia in Via Navene, 19/A. The card can then be used in Malcesine’s restaurants during the two days of this food discovery tour. During each day of the tour visitors can choose between one of the two participating eateries indicated on each of the tour’s legs. The chosen eatery will then offer you a dish.

Each leg of the tour represents a different course of an Italian meal.

Gastronomic delights from the cuisine of many of Italy’s regions will be on offer:

Leg A – The aperitif
Leg B – Oil
Leg C – Cheese – Tuscany and Trentino
Leg D – Campania
Leg E – Campania and Emilia Romagna
Leg F – Veneto
Leg G – Sicily and Puglia
Leg H – Lazio and Calabria
Leg I – Liguria
Leg L – Dessert – Piedmont and Sardinia
Leg M – The Sweet
Leg N – The afternoon snack
Leg D – The “digestive” drink and coffee

There is no Leg J or K because the letters ‘j’ and ‘k’ do not exist in the Italian alphabet, in case you were wondering.

You can find more information and further details of the tour on the Ciottolando website .

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