Lake Como on the beach

By Vacanze Lago • on January 18, 2011

I know it’s a bit early yet, but I have already started thinking of the summer. During these freezing days I imagine myself walking around with my summer cloths on, flip flops, t shirt and shorts. And then I stop and think that when it really starts getting hot it’s not that funny living in Milan..

I have hated the hot season so many times and have dreamt running way at the weekend, going to the sea side to relax and get away from the city.

Then one day a colleague of mine comes along and shows me a travel guide of the best places to visit at Lake Como , like to say “why are you always wining dreaming of running away, when you live at only a quarter of an hour from this wonderful lake? Go and stop complaining….And so I start looking at the travel guide.

It doesn’t take me long to discover that there are plenty of nice places and beaches like Domaso, Pianello, Cremia and Gera Lario.

Along the west coast there are many lidos like the one in Menaggio or Cadenabbia with swimming pool, solarium and restaurants that turn into out side discos in the evening.

The Lido of Lenno is a lovely sandy beach that transforms when the sun goes down and you can  enjoy a cocktail in a unique atmosphere with candlelit seating. The lakeside restaurant is elegant and cosy offering a wide selection of local dishes but also international cuisine. The small beaches of Isola Comacina the only island in the lake, accessible by boat are also worth a visit. Moving southwards near Torno is the lido di Riva, the small beach belonging to Faggeto Lario with a pretty beach bar and clear waters.

I realize that there are plenty of places close to home where I can escape from the city, in the future I shouldn’t complain so much, open my eyes and look what’s around me!



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