Discovering Gardaland

By Vacanze Lago • on January 13, 2010

Lake Garda. Gardaland is located in Castelnuovo and is considered Italy’s number one amusement park. It is divided into different areas including Fantasy, Energy and Adventure and represents a nice way to spend a day out with the kids.
It has many attractions, starting from Time Voyagers , simulating a trip along a path through caves, canyons and waterfalls; the “ Pirate’s Galleon “: in the hold of the pirate ship, you can sail in the midst of a tropical mist, enormous sea serpents, hooks and treasure.
Gardaland offers also a lovely children’s area , the Fantasy Kindom : 12000 sqm of theme area to explore with the Funny express train: small houses, soft toys, speaking trees and sweets, a real fantasy world. There is also a nursery area for babies. One of the favourite attractions is Prezzemolo’s home (the mascot of Gardaland), a tree-house with furnished rooms and stairs leading to the top with the panoramic terrace.

The desolated Antarctic landscape of 4D Adventure is much appreciated by children and adults too. The adventure in 4D continues with the Himalazon and the Haunted Mine Ride .
Then there is the Indian atmosphere of the Jungle Rapids , a ride on big rubber rings which are carried rotating slowly and ending at an active volcano. Another water attraction is the Colorado Boat , a funny version of the classic toboggan.
A recent attraction is the Mammut : a roller coaster without loops that represents a nice discovery: an expedition of Russian scientists has come across a perfectly preserved frozen mammoth during its excavations at the North Pole…an amusing experience!!
The Flying Island is also worth to be mentioned: an orbiting station that will boost you up to 50 meters above the park to admire the unforgettable view on Lake Garda.

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