A night out at the terme

By bettina boop • on June 3, 2009

Advertising is the best thing for trade. Does anybody have any doubts? Would you prefer to:

buy a dress found by rummaging in a big container that says “70% off” fighting with other ladies to get the top brand dress even if it is faulty

to be adored by a shop assistance that keeps paying your compliments, getting out several shirts and insisting how they look good on you?

t’s always good to have a discount, but it is also good to feel a star of the cinema even for an hour only.
And this is why when I feel depressed I go shopping or book for an hours’ beauty treatment.

IThe last novelty is called Aquaria Sensorynight offered by the Terme of Sirmione every last Thursday of the month. The benefits of the precious elements of the spa water combine with exciting sensory experiences for wellness and total physical and mental relaxation.

There are several options that you can choose from. For example you can start off with a sensorial menu based on marinated salmon and other healthy dishes. Then you can choose between Aquaria Pilates, music and different massages: Ayurvedic massage, Shiatsu massage, lymph drainage and others more..

The Terme are open from the afternoon till midnight and by paying 39 Euros you can have: a wellness cocktail and selection of salads, bath robe, towel and bathing cap to be handed in at the end of the day, access to the gym and Fitness activities like lesson of pilates o water pilates and live music. You can add 6 Euros and have the sensorial menu if you like, while a 25 minute-massage will cost you 30 Euros.
This is an idea to make you feel at least for one night relaxed and sensual in a chic environment made of water.

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