Lake Como – Comacina Island

By Comemafalda • on February 18, 2009

This winter so long and cold makes me want to stay in doors on Sundays. The best I can do is see my friends for a pizza or for a film at the cinema (recently I insist on going to the cinema as it is cheaper and doesn’t make me fat).

Last Sunday for a change (as I had seen all the films I was interested in) I decided to go out for the day. So I phoned a friend of mine, Chiara, to ask her if she would come with me to the bookstore Feltrinelli and perhaps afterwards stop for a hot chocolate with cream. But Chiara surprises me and says that she had already organised a day out at Comacina Island with Filippo.

Always Filippo….Is it possible that he hasn’t given up yet, I say to her. And Chiara answers back saying it’s her that has given up, and a month has already past since! This news makes me understand that this winter has been real fateful: not only had I not been out much, but I had also neglected my friends and didn’t know anything about the new love stories!!!!

Chiara asks me if I wanted to go with them, but I didn’t think if was right, I would have felt out of place. But she insists saying that there would have been other people, like Federica and Sofia, which I hadn’t heard for a while either.

Ok you have convinced me, I shall come with you to Comacina Island, I say to her… But where exactly is it…? Are you joking?…..she says. Is it possible that you have never heard of the only island of Lake Como? Eh no….I answer back.

We got there by boat leaving from the docks of Sala Comacina ( ). It is a nice sunny day and the island is a real surprise, so small and so cute. I look at the small gulf with its olive trees and I imagine how it can be in the nice season.

We took the road straight on our left called Viale del poeta. It is 2 km long. Long enough to take us to explore the island. Filippo told us that by taking the road on our right you get to the Locanda of Comacina Island , maybe we could come back here for a weekend, Filippo says to Chiara.

The place is rich in history with its architectures and remains, difficult to believe as it is such a small island. There are signs around indicating where they are situated. The island was inhabited until 1169, when the revenge of the people of Como broke out destroying everything.

There are some houses that date back to the 1930ies, when the island was supposed to become an artistic resort and three houses of study were built. The project was never carried out, but the houses remained and they are an example of formal rational architecture. Today the villas are in a bad state and is really a shame.

Filippo gave me all this information while Chiara was admiring him while speaking. And now I understand why Chiara gave up to him and I am really happy for them.

Anyway besides the architecture beauties of the island, the best thing of Comacina Island is the wonderful panoramas and the peaceful atmosphere that reigns here (besides the laughs of Federica and Sofia who were talking about shopping and pilates lessons and not noticing the beautiful landscape surrounding them).

The only other negative aspect was discovering that the Locanda is closed in the winter season (from 1st November to 1st March). It’s a shame because I was really curious. Filippo says that the cuisine here is very simple but really good. It seems that the menu is the same of the one in 1947 and that at the end of the meal, when the coffee is served, the owner comes in after the bell has rung, he burns the brandy and while telling the island story he adds the sugar and serves the brandy.

So I shall certainly come back!!