Lake Como: Castle of Vezio

By Vacanze Lago • on January 16, 2009

LAKE COMO – The Castle of Vezio is located in a tiny hamlet in Perledo, on the promontory of Varenna, in one of the most enchanting places of the east side of the lake.

The castle was built in the 16th century by the Queen Theodolinda, and you can take one of the pathways from Varenna that offers great views over the entire lake.

Vezio and the Castle

The hamlet of Vezio is surely the most interesting hamlet of Perledo, located on the mountain side above Varenna and the lake. It has not more that 20 inhabitants that all live in the area around the castle.

Although the castle is mostly ruined it has kept its ancient features. Its story is inseparable from the many legends of these places and still today it is said that the ghost of Queen Teodolinda goes around the rooms of the castle when there is no moon in the sky.

Tombs dated back to the Iron Age, Iron Arrow Points, spades and helmets that have been found in the area around the castle testify human presence from early ages. A stone flight of steps and a drawbridge will lead you up to the tower. From here the 360 view on the lake Como is without equal.

Up here you can also meet the Falconer, that lives here and breeds birds of prey like: barn owls, buzzards, hawks and others (the type of shown animals varies according to the periods). You can visit the Falconer every day from 10 am to 6 pm and you can also admire astonishing flights and assist while training.


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