Lake Garda Flowers
I once had a grandmother that loved flowers so much and took care of them in such a way that they paid her back with prize-winning blossoms.

Here balcony was always the richest and most colourful of the whole building from spring until autumn. Her envious neighbours gave the blame to the fact that her balcony was on the first floor and ignored the fact that she was so good at making the worst geranium worthy of a tropical forest.

My grandmother used to spend every summer at Lake Garda, exactly at Riva Del Garda and when she used to come back and show me the photos I was stunned on how many flowers were in the background.
Wonderful flower beds, colourful streets and balconies full of vases and flowers…a colourful explosion.

I remember that one year I went to visit them. It was August and I realized that everything was much better that in the photos.

Now that the winter has nearly come to an end and the nature is getting ready, those flowers come back to my mind.

I know that it is still early but I can start getting organized. I haven’t been to Riva Del Garda for many years now and I think it is time to go back there, perhaps in the spring. I could organise a trip for Easter!