The Carnival of Schignano is one of the oldest and most traditional carnivals in Italy and is unique in its style. For travellers looking for an authentic experience, this carnival is certainly worth a visit!
Schignano is a small beautiful mountain village and popular tourist destination for lovers of tranquility, typical of small villages in close contact with nature, located in the Valle d’Intelvi.

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The wooden masks are ready and a first parade will take place along the streets of Schignano this weekend, on Sunday 31st January, while the main parade will take place during the afternoons of 6th February and 9th February. On Shrove Tuesday during the procession the traditional episode of the the “Carlisep”will stage who will run through the streets of Schignano to escape the fire, symbol of the end of the carnival.

For the occasion the village of Schignano is adorned with carnival decorations and local people prepare sweets and local cakes. The Schignano’s Carnival is truly a unique experience where you’ll learn about a longstanding tradition with the possibility to taste local food.

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