The Val d’Intelvi is a beautiful valley, 10km away from the city of Como, that connects Lake Como with Lake Lugano with many picturesque villages. It can be reached in three different ways: from Argegno on Lake Como, from Osteno on Lake Lugano and from Lanzo through the Val Mara.

It is a sunny and pleasant valley, open to the mountains, characterized by green pastures and morenic slopes, it is one of the most beautiful lanscapes in this region.

The valley offers many possibilities for sport activities and hiking. We suggest the route that starts in Argegno and arrives in Osteno, overlooking the shores of Lake Lugano, passing buy the hamlets of Dizzasco, Castiglione, San Fedele and Lanzo. You may decide to choose some alternative routes. For example from Cerano you can reach the village of Schignano, famous for it’s carnival or once you arrive in San Fedele you may want to take the road for Pigra, from here you can enjoy a wide panorama of the lake and the surrounding mountains, reachable also from Argegno by cableway.

When you arrive in Lanzo d’Intelvi, a famous touristic center, you can reach on the right of the Belvedere the top of Sighignola, also called “the italian balcony”: from both sides you will enjoy the marvellous panorama of lake Lugano, Porlezza and the Alps.

For the more adventurous,you could join an instructor for an unforgettable paragliding experience, with the association “Volo LIbero” that operate in this beautiful area  between Lake Como and Lake Lugano. The club welcomes both pilots already in possession of the patent VDS that beginners, for which two-seater paragliding are provided. A different way to discover this beautiful natural lanscape.

The Intelvi Valley is also known for its many horse riding centres in the area where you can enjoy horse riding, one of the best ways to stay in touch with nature. You can discover the natural beauty of the Val d’Intelvi with exciting horseback riding in the green and tranquillity.

A day out or a stay in Val d’Intelvi is certainly worth it!!

Nearby Val d’Intelvi:

Swissminiatur (Switzerland in miniature, 20 minutes drive away from Val d’Intelvi passing through Valmara)

Trenino Monte Generoso (to go up to Monte Generoso from the swiss boarder)

Grotte naturali turistiche di Rescia (natural caves located in Osteno)

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