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VARENNA – Many people say that Varenna is the prettiest town of Lake Como. It is not down to us to say whether it is true or not but this ancient fisherman village built on a promontory on the western coast of Lake Como is certainly very fascinating and so romantic, it's a pearl set between the mountains and the…

Lucia is a typical rowing boat once used at Lake Como for transporting goods to the markets. It got famous in the well known romance written by Alessandro Manzoni "I Promessi sposi", a story about spouses that had to outrun lots of hindrances in the 18th century before getting married at Lecco. It's a sort of "covered wagon" hoop design,…

Villa Monastero is one of the most interesting examples of eclectic style residence on the Lake Como. The interventions carried over the centuries have added functional and decorative elements without destroying traces of the buildings history.

Varenna is situated on the west coast of Lake Como at only 70km away from Milan and it is one of nicest resorts of the lake. This is because of its good location between the lake and the hilly area, because if it’s well preserved-ancient houses in stone and because of its tight alleys and steep stairways that lead to the lake giving you extraordinary panoramic views.

The Castle of Vezio is located in a tiny hamlet in Perledo, on the promontory of Varenna, in one of the most enchanting places of the east side of the lake.