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Candia Lake is situated at 30km away north from Turin, in the area called Canvese. It is a protected area that comes under Natural Park since 1995 and has been declared a Site of Community Importance. It has a great number of aquatic birds together with a rich hygrophilous flora including some rare species. The best thing of this lake…

The National Park of the Maritime Alps was created in 1995 from the union of Parco naturale dell'Argentera (established in 1980) and the Riserva del Bosco e dei Laghi di Palanfré (established in 1979). This protected area covers nearly 28,000 hectares including three valleys (Gesso, Stura, Vermenagna) and four towns (Aisone, Entracque, Valdieri, Vernante). The Alpi Marittime - the southernmost section of the…

«Every lake has its legend: a legend that tells about its origins with fantastic details, and is handed down from father to son so it is written down on paper and printed black onto white»

Feriolo hasn’t got to be missed out while visiting Lake Maggiore. This small town is located on the banks of the Borromeo Gulf, one of the best panoramic spots of Lake Maggiore.

LAKE MAGGIORE - Whoever is fascinated like me by daily objects can visit The umbrella and parasol Museum, situated at Gignese, near Verbania.

Last weekend I did something different for a change to celebrate carnival: instead of dressing up and glittering my face I found my self among the Battle of the Oranges, manifestation typical of Ivrea.

The little town of Arona rises on the banks of Lake Maggiore. Thanks to it’s location it is easily reachable from Milan so it represents an ideal place to go for a day out. Arona has several attractions and one of them is the villas.

Ideal place for a day out, the island of San Giulio is a tiny island that pricks up from the waters of Lake Orta. You can get to it in 5 minutes by boat. They leave every 15 minutes from Orta’s docks. Even if it is so near the inland, it is today a place of great mysticism. It is perfect for whoever is looking for some peace and quiet.