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Lake Como is not the seaside but it truly offers a wonderful range of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful lake water. Around Lake Como there are many beautiful beaches, partly small and hidden, partly spacious and suitable for the whole family. Most beaches are shingle beaches, however there are also a few sand beaches alongside a great selection of natural and widespread beaches of grass lawns.

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Autumn is an excellent time to visit Lake Como. The colors of nature are beginning to change and the presence of so much water maintains a higher than average temperature as the summer fades

Lake Como has been the transit area between Italy and the Northern part of Europe throughout the ages and with this also one of the main "Faith Routes" that brought the evangelization from Italia to the Northern part of Europe.

The Val d’Intelvi is a beautiful valley, 10km away from the city of Como, that connects Lake Como with Lake Lugano with many picturesque villages. It can be reached in three different ways: from Argegno on Lake Como, from Osteno on Lake Lugano and from Lanzo through the Val Mara.

The " Palio Remiero del Lario " is a traditional rowing race across Lake Como that attracts teams from around Lombardy, who come to take part in the grueling competition of Lucie, the traditional rowing boat from Lake Como. This competition has been organised for more than 50 years and is still today one of the most anticipated events involving 20 villages of Lake Como…. a real spectacle where the entire lake become extremely competitive!

Lake Como enjoys a vibrant annual events calendar and you will find something to satisfy every taste. But one of the most popular attractions that tourists and visitors wait for are the many spectacular firework displays that are organised in many villages around the lake.

The mountainous belt that runs almost parallel between the lake and the Swiss border is crossed by a dense network of trails. Among them, a route in stages suited to get a thorough knowledge of the entire territory is the 'Via dei Monti lLariani', a tour of medium altitude of about 125km connecting Cernobbio to Sorico. Our advice is to walk the path in the spring to enjoy the blooming meadows on the mountain pastures, or to immerse yourself in golden autumn beech forests.

In Colico, the first town on the eastern coast of beautiful Lake Como is held every year the annual Festival of chamber music, called Lake Como Water Festival.