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So many people including celebrities keep Lake Como at the top of their holiday destination list. Surrounded by mountains offering panoramic views, this beautiful lake in Northern Italy, is a tranquil paradise: it has a pleasant climate – sunny in the summer and generally mild in the winter; great food, an easy going lifestyle and easy accessibility making people dream…

February in Italy means that almost every city big or little is invaded with masks, colors, sweets and lights bringing a lot of excitement and a unique atmosphere all around:  it’s Carnival! Carnival is an ancient tradition occurring the immediate period before Lent and reaches its peak on Giovedì Grasso (Fat Thursday) and Martedì Grasso (Fat Tuesday), the last Thursday…

Autumn is an excellent time to visit Lake Como. The colors of nature are beginning to change and the presence of so much water maintains a higher than average temperature as the summer fades

Planning to get married? Why not decide to organize your wedding on the beautiful shores of Lake Como? You could choose out of the many stunning period villas with a lakeside position and private botanical gardens that can be perfect for your wedding party venue. Choosing to get married at Lake Como means being able to choose among the best and highest quality locations and marvellous landscapes. You can decide to celebrate your wedding on the lake shores, open air or in nice historical palaces and villas.

Como is one of the most beautiful cities it Italy. Located in Lombardy, it is an industrial and tourist capital of the province with less than 90,000 inhabitants and borders Switzerland and the communes of Lake Como.