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The Festa of Ferragosto is an Italian Bank Holiday celebrated on August 15th and marking the beginning of Italy’s famous summer holiday period.  In fact Italians  rather than just closing for a day, take their annual holidays around Ferragosto, closing up for anything from a week or two to the entire month of August. The name Ferragosto dates back to…

The Sagra di San Giovanni is the oldest historical event that takes place on Lake Como. It is celebrated the last weekend of June with folk arts and fireworks, boat procession and boat race. The Sagra takes place on the Island Comacina and it is repeated by almost 6 centuries. It commemorates the destruction of the island which took place June 24, 1169 by Barbarossa, who with the help of the city of Como, set fire to the 'only island of the Lake Como, destroying every building.

Lake Como enjoys a vibrant annual events calendar and you will find something to satisfy every taste. But one of the most popular attractions that tourists and visitors wait for are the many spectacular firework displays that are organised in many villages around the lake.