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Como ... The lake of our dreams....with beautiful landscapes, tranquil lake atmosphere, alpine scenery, and historical towns like Bellagio, Domaso, Colico, Vercana, Griante, Tremezzina and many others. " Let's go there one Sunday.. " -as the Milanese families would say! There are three main public transportation options at Lake Como: train, boat and bus. From Milan there are trains leaving from Lake Como from the main stations of  - Cadorna, Porta Garibaldi and Central Station. Como is on…

The " Palio Remiero del Lario " is a traditional rowing race across Lake Como that attracts teams from around Lombardy, who come to take part in the grueling competition of Lucie, the traditional rowing boat from Lake Como. This competition has been organised for more than 50 years and is still today one of the most anticipated events involving 20 villages of Lake Como…. a real spectacle where the entire lake become extremely competitive!

It all starts in 1978 when a group of friends found the association "The Collection of Boats of Lake Como" in order to preserve the nautical history and tradition the lake from the 19th century onwards.