This light sunshine makes me want to go to a sagra, a traditional local party, that is organized in all parts of Italy, with music, games and food. Every time I hear the word “sagra”, it makes me hungry”. It’s probably because I am on a diet at the moment and can’t wait to loose weight to start eating again, queuing up at one of the stands waiting for my turn to be served. Usually the more I have to wait for, the better the cook is.

In two weeks time I will have to queue up in another type of queue. I will be at the “Computerfest & radioamatore“, the best of computer and radio amateur world on show, where my boyfriend has organized a romantic escapade.

Guglielmo Marconi, the first radio amateurIt’s an exhibition for all people interested in electronics, telephony, radio and transmitter-receivers, not only for people who wish to buy but also for people who like to be updated and want to exchange opinions in matters of prices, brands and much more.

I hope that there will be many stands that do some demonstrations; it is the best thing, to see for example somebody that makes an helicopter fly as if he’s the real pilot.

According to the official web site the show starts at 9am and will go on all day until 6 pm, from 28th February to 1st March. The entrance ticket costs 7 Euros, but perhaps I could figure out as a student and pay the price reduced, 5 Euros.

In the evening I hope for a romantic dinner. The restaurant “Nuovo 900” , situated right in the old town centre of Riva del Garda seems to be a good restaurant. It seems a trendy restaurant from the web site and has a good wine list.

To get to the exhibition please log on to the website: