There is a saying that says “pulenta the cuntenta” which means “the polenta makes you happy” (because it fills you up!).
Polenta is a very old dish of Italian origin made from flour obtained from a number of cereals, the most commonly used today being corn.
It is made by slow cooking a semi-liquid mixture of water and cereal flour. Today the classic yellow polenta is made from corn; the flour is poured into boiling salted water in a copper pot, and stirred with a wooden hazel stick, for at least an hour. It is then poured on a wooden plank and served, depending on its texture, with a spoon, or made into slices with a wooden knife or with a cotton thread from bottom to top.  In the last century in Lecco you could find polenta sellers on the rivers of the lake., while nowadays commercial instant polentais available in packages in the supermarket.

There are many varieties of polenta that change from region to region. The “pulenta uncia” is typical in the areas of Lake Como. After preparing the polenta in the pot with a mixture of corn flour and buckwheat, it is mixed with a soffritto made of plenty of butter, garlic and sage with a local alpine cheese.

Ingredients (Serves 4)

2 tsp salt
500g coarse cornmeal
2l water.

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