It all started in 1922 when Citterio Family started making these traditional pastries in a small local laboratory called Nocciolini Factory. It distinguishes by the careful selection of raw materials, as all the receipes, that have been passed down through three generations are made with fresh eggs, and fresh dairy products all coming exclusively from certified factories.

The factory is still today making these local products that become part of Lake Como’s gastronomic tradition thanks to the dedicated passion for their work,and the lovefor the traditions. Among the traditional products we can find Pan Meino (typical from Brianza area, made with white flour, cornmeal and elderflower), Torta Citterio and the famous Nocciolini from Canzo, crumbly biscuits flavored with hazelnut prepared according to an old recipe that makes it one of the few sweets of Lombardy, they are similiar to amaretti biscuits.

The secret of Factory Nocciolini Canzo is all in the ability to combine tradition with a modern and efficient production cycle making the factory grown enourmsly while preserving the spirit of the small local lavboratory where everything started.
Nocciolini Factory offers many pastry, cakes, tarts, biscuits, but also some typical sweets from the lake like the Pan Mataloch, a leavened sweet bread with dried fruit.
The factory is located in Canzo, in Via Brusa, 32 Canzo (Co), a half an hour drive from the city of Como.

Tel. +39 031 681007