“Oh my Goodness, what a beautiful little lady we have here!..” – I turned my head to see who was so happy to see whom. Two fancy moms with their little ones were completely immersed in emotional greetings of two persons very happy to see each other.

mamma e davSoon, other moms reached them in this small café were I had my morning coffee before starting work. It was a cheerful group, all women with their babies, toddlers and children. They ordered for themselves a breakfast and then twice or even more times (forced to change the order every time by the little ones) for their sons and daughters…

They were loud and agitated to talk, and my ears could easily catch the topics of their conversation: like many others at this time of the year, they  were discussing tastily where to go for their summer holidays.

“We can rent a big villa somewhere in the North of Italy, in the lake district providing a quiet and relaxing atmosphere framed by the picturesque mountains and lush green hills….. let’s escape with children from the city and hot heavy air for a few days and enjoy some high quality oxygen all moms together!”

After a short pause, one skinny mother shouted suddenly:

“I love this idea!!!!”

And immediately all other voices exclaimed emotionally:

“Me too, me too! We can have a look at something right now, I have my Ipad with me!”

They rounded a small screen of the device admiring the colourful areas near the bluemarine waters of Lake Como, studying the local small restaurants with typical dishes of fish lake on the grill, browsing the facilities that moms usually look for such as playgrounds and kids yards, local markets, pharmacies and beaches, there was everything they might have needed: boat rental, bicycles, cars, shops…

“Look here: “Vacanze Lago – we have a great selection of high quality properties for short holiday rental on Lake Como: villas, houses, luxury villas, apartments and holiday rentals with beautiful gardens and stunning lake views. Call us now: 0039 – 0341 940 327!

A kind women answered the phone:

“Buuongiiornou (she remembered just this Italian word when her friends exploded with tummy laughs stopping up their mouths), do you speak English?” dav e fra

From the speaker-phone the operator gave all the information needed answering the thousands and thousands of questions of these caring mothers: “Are cots available? Are high chairs available? Is the private garden fenced? Are kitchenware and bed linen included? What about the towels and the beach towels? Do you have Wi-Fi? Where should we go to eat? Is there a barbecue? Are there any local markets to buy the summer fruits and vegetables for us? Can we drink tap water? ”

“It seems like we just need to bring the solar and anti-mosquitos cream” – one of the friends ended the conversation.

From their satisfied big smiles I understood that very soon these enterprising ladies and their children would have arrive in Bella Italia to enjoy their magic holidays on the shores of Lake Como in North Italy, well organised by Vacanze Lago.