Lecco – Manzoni’s City 2011 is a cultural event sponsored by the city of Lecco on Lake Como which aims to offer visitors a comprehensive look at the life and work of world-renown Italian poet and novelist Alessandro Manzoni.

Lecco - Manzoni's City 2011

The rich selection of events for this year’s edition of the Manzoni celebration began on October 7th and will run until December 2nd, 2011. Aimed at both the general public and scholars, the events highlight the work of Alessandro Manzoni and his relationship with the area around the northern Italian town of Lecco.

One of the event’s appointments is an evening with Dario Vergassola and David Riondino who will present a “pop” interpretation of Manzoni’s work. Last year, this interpretation included well-known Italian singer and musician Elio.

Other meetings and exhibitions are dedicated to an exploration of the links between Manzoni and another protagonist of nineteenth-century Italian culture: Antonio Stoppani. In celebration of 150 years of Italian unity, there will be a theatre show and a workshop on Italy’s “Resurgence” or Risorgimento.

The Manzoni event will also include guided tours to places associated with Manzoni such as Villa Manzoni and Pescarenico.

The full programme of the Manzoni event, in Italian, can be seen here.