Thirteen stages in the most characteristic villages from 21 June to 13 September.

Land & Water becomes a festival discover Lake Como, through music, poetry, gastronomy, art, history and nature, with more that 100 events involving more than 40 local artists and 13 village festivals, transforming the old villages and landscapes in a magical stage, all zero mile. Once again it will be the poetry of David Van De Sfroos to inspire the 13 stages throughout the summer in the 13 villages that took part of this project – the first concert took place in Lezzeno on the eastern shore.  Other villages involved are Torno, Dongo, Lenno, Argegno, San Siro, Zelbio, Brienno, Nesso, Laglio, Gravedona, Carate Urio and Tremezzo.

Land & Water is trip through the most picturesque corners of Como chosen as locations for films by the great Italian and international productions.

They will be street performers ready to enchant the audience with their acrobatic performances and with their stories and local legends. There will be dances and shows that will certainly entertain visitors. A group of young artists from Como will produce a pop version of Mozart’s Don Giovanni that will turn into a road movie shot in the locations of Land & Water during the festival.  Art and history will also be protagonists. There will be in fact the chance for guided tours, visiting old churches and old historic  sites. The visitors get also a pleasant opportunity to relive the ancient traditions with historical reenactments illustrating the customs and the traditions of more than one century ago.

Thanks to Regione Lombardia and Provincia di Como, who collaborated effectively with the project there will be some cruises organised on the Patria, symbol of Lake Como and recently completely restored. Departures will take place at Villa Olmo at sunset to arrive in Colico in the Northern area of the lake. The festival will be exclusive also for the food, being food miles.

The villages involved in the festival have organised festivals where visitors may taste local products at affordable prices. Polenta and missoltino (traditional lake fish),  Tocch , Stopagoss (a thin pancake of rice prepared with cornmeal soaked in milk and toasted with butter) and Paradell from Lezzeno (omelette that can be eaten in many ways, sweet or savory, topped with sugar, jam, honey or cheese) accompanied by music and dances, will give the party a genuine taste.

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