If you happen to be in the area of Lake Iseo, I would definitely suggest you to visit the Pyramids of Zone Regional Natural Reserve in the area of Cislano (see map).

Pyramids of Zone

The panorama is unique and there are very few panoramas like this one. The access to this enchanted scenery reserve is situated in the new area just passed the neighbourhood of Cislano.

These pyramids represent a real nature masterpiece and are the result of a rare erosion phenomenon in partly cemented clay-gravel deposits, including big rocks of petrified sediments.

Pyramids of Zone, Lake IseoThe rainwater rapidly washed away the clay matrix of the deposits from the mountain slopes thus isolating little by little the rocks which are left to protect the material below like umbrellas.

So, the gravel deposits that form the moraine give origin to the “pyramids”, earth pinnacles surmounted by rocks.

The pathway is long 1km and along the road you will find many information boards illustrating the formation of this phenomenon.

The reserve is always open and offers the possibility of tourist guides.

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