Walking is one of the best ways to enjoy first hand all the lovely landscapes and views Lake Como has to offer.

Man’s touch has been surprisingly gentle in this scenic part of Italy. The towns and villages which surround the lake both complement and add to the charm of this fascinating area.

Lake Como Walks

The Pedaleggiando Association, as well having planned numerous routes for exploring Lake Como by bicycle, also has plenty of suggestions for those who prefer to explore on foot. And walking the ancient paths of the Altolario woods is a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon.

Do not worry if you are a little out of condition, the paths Pedaleggiando suggests are not overly strenuous.

Here is the list of walking routes recommended by Pedaleggiando:

1 – Pian di Spagna – Southern Route P
2 – Pian di Spagna – Northern Route
3 – On the tracks of the Hermit – From Sorico to San Miro
4 – A balcony over Pian di Spagna – From Sorico to the Sasso di Dascio
5 – Appointment with the Saint – From Dascio to S. Fedelino
6 – Monte Peschiera
7 – Old mule-tracks – from Sorico to Montemezzo
8 – On the path to Monti Lariani– from Sorico to Peledo
9 – The alpine pastures of Sorico and Montemezzo
10 – Along the Regina path – From Domaso to Sorico
11 – Around Sasso Pelo
12 – The Verceia horse-track
13 – Colico’s fortresses

For descriptions and more information on the paths above visit Pedaleggiando.