Villa-Carlotta-02-003120420c882c00d4ad09b1f221d7b3Villa Carlotta is a neoclassical villa which lays on the western coast of Lake Como in the village of Tremezzo with an extension of 70.000 square meters and a wonderful view on the Grigna mountains and the villages of Bellano, Varenna, Bellagio.
The villa is the perfect combination of luxurious interiors (beautiful stuccos, lovely frescoes and great art collection, including an Eros and Psyche by Antonio Canova) and lush exteriors. The gardens of Villa Carlotta are famous for its amazing spring flowering of over 150 varieties of rhododendrons and azaleas. There is also a lovely ‘bamboo garden’ among many other things to see, not to mention the exceptional views across the lake from the balconies of the villa itself.

Any trip to Lake Como should include a stop to this villa and its gardens, where you can also admire beautiful works of art preserved inside the museum.

Villa Carlotta in addition to its permanent art collection offers from March to November events, laboratories and exhibitions.

12744624_186702595032194_8304270003682722501_nThis beautiful location will host a large selection of paintings by Dutch artist Bebul Voortman from 23/04/2016 al  08/05/2016.

Her paintings are made on plastic sheets, glass or other translucent material and they change according to the light. When the ligh in the room changes so the painting changes too..this means that you may have a certain hue of colours in daylight and a completely different one in artificial lighting. Some transparent works of art also create an extra effect if they are hung in front of a windows for instance.

Dreams: the artist will lead you through her exhibition and you will discover that dreams can become true!