A kite in the sky, the water beneath your feet and your body that unites them: this is the Kitesurf!

The Kite surf is a quite recent sport , born in te nineties and is growing of importance, more and more people become lovers of this amazing new sport. This sport consists in using a kite that catches the wind and pulls the rider along who, in turn, stands on a kind of surfboard. The kite is tied to the kite holder by two or four lines between 22 and 27 meters long fixed to his/her body with a harness.

Kit surf can be practiced even in light winds, using bigger kites than the ones used with stronger winds. When the weather conditions

With ideal conditions it is possible to practice the sport safely, simply gliding (free riding), or making various changes or tricks (freestyle) You can use the kite either on the waves (wave style) or on flat water (wake style).

Compared to other water/wind-sports kite surfing is relatively easy to learn: a good course of 15/16 hours will give you the bases to practice this sport alone in total security. Through the years the quality and safety of kite surfing equipment, together with the teaching technique has seen a large progress making this sport safe and affordable for everyone, while maintaining the charm of extreme sport.

There are many associations and clubs for water sport enthusiasts. Kite surf has become very popular at Lake Como, that is considered among the best in Europe for lake water sports, thanks to the Breva, the light wind from the south that blows constantly in summer bringing nice weather. Lake Como in fact offers the best conditions for this sport and you can find many schools especially in the Northern part of the lake.

Colico is an important base for practicing kite surf; kites have become part of the typical summer landscape of this magnificent tourist resort and its beaches. The best time to practice this sport is from March to October. Since 2006 for four consecutive years, Colico was chosen as the ideal location to host the only Italian date of the Kitesurf World Cup.

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