The hike to Monte Crocione (1641 m / 5,384 ft) and Monte Tremezzo (1700 m / 5,577 ft) leaves from Alpe di Lenno which is at an altitude of 1496 m / 4,908 ft. To reach Alpe di Lenno by car, drive from the centre of Pigra towards Alpe di Colonno, then follow the signs for the Boffalora Refuge and finally head for Alpe di Ossuccio. Once you’ve arrived in Alpe di Lenno, park your car, as it is here that the walking starts.

Hike to Monte Crocione and Monte Tremezzo

The first part of the trail follows the route of military roads built during the First World War. Along this track, the remains of trenches and shelters used by Alpine troops can be seen to this day. After walking for about 20 minutes you will come to the Venini Rifugio.

After the refuge, you’ll come to a junction with a barrier. Do not go over the barrier. To reach Monte Tremezzo continue along the track until you reach a peak with a statue of the Virgin Mary on it. From the peak with the statue, you can walk along the ridge to Monte Crocione.

If, instead, you want to reach Monte Crocione more directly, at the junction with the barrier leave the track and take the path that leads up to Alpe di Mezzegra and then on to the derelict buildings of Alpe Tremezzo.

It takes around one and a half hours to walk to the summit of Monte Crocione.

The summit of Monte Crocione