In Colico, the first town on the eastern coast of beautiful Lake Como is held every year the annual Festival of chamber music, called Lake Como Water Festival.

This international Festival was founded in 2005 to celebrate the foundation of the Sperimental School of Music. “R.Goitre”, in order to give an opportunity to young people to get close to the amazing world of music.

Colico in particular will host chamber music performances of both Italian and international musicians in one of the most well-regarded classical music events of its genre in Italy.

Besides the concerts, the festival includes some workshops for children. The Ateliers Concert is an important moment inside the festival, that involves young artists discovering their creative abilities.

The festival mainly takes place in the beautiful scenario of the Abbey of Piona, a beautiful example of Romanasque architecture but other concerts are held in other beautiful locations of Lake Como, like Varenna for example


Saturday 28th June 2014 – Opening concert – Piona Abbey – 9pm

Friday 4th July – Ateliers Concert – Piona Abbey – 9pm

Sunday 6th  July – Concert in Varenna – Villa Monastero – 9pm

Saturday 12th  July – Century celebration concert – Calolziocorte –  Chiesa di Santa Maria del Lavello – 9pm                                                                             

Saturday 19th  July – Closing Ceremony Celebration Concert – Piona Abbey – 9pm

Sunday 20th  July – Concert “Encore” – Piona Abbey – 9pm

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