Milan will play host to the internationally recognised exhibition that is EXPO Milano 2015. This universal exposition runs from 1st May through to 31st October 2015.

The concerns of many over the quality and scarcity of our global food supply have shaped this year’s theme, entitled…

Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

Showcasing demonstrations, products and stimulating experiences, EXPO 2015 embraces creativity and innovation, technology, culture and traditions. These interconnected impressions relate to the development of nutrition and how we can counteract certain global scenarios to focus on healthy, sustainable food.

It will be the second time Milan presents the exhibition, the first being Milan International in 1906. This year, 145 countries are taking part in the event which will inevitably make Italy the topic of conversation.

The role this world class exposition plays is to inform and build awareness for its visitors through participation. These unique experiences will promote a social, scientific and technological heritage that can build a sufficient food chain and preserve a taste and food culture

One of the most impressive attractions is the Lake Arena. With a diameter of 90 meters, it is the largest open space for visitors. Water games, fire shows,concerts and artistic performances will be on floating platforms.

The water comes from the Villoresi Canal and irrigates the nearby vegetation, signifying a strong connection between the element of water and the central theme.

A focal point at the centre of the lake is the Tree of Life, positioned to be a great spectacle.

Over 20 million visitors are expected to arrive in the city throughout the six month period of the event. With 1.29 million people currently living in Milan, the city will be extremely eventful and busy. That is why it may be beneficial to have a break outside of the metropolis.

From the EXPO’s artificial lake, designed to educate and enthuse its guests, to a magnificent and inspiring lake that captures its audience, leaving an impression. Lake Como is a convenient area to stay whilst visiting north-east Italy. It provides easy access to and from Milan, with a 45 minute drive or direct rail links from Como to Milano Centrale.

Guests, families, employees, clients and businesses will be astounded by Lake Como’s unparalleled beauty, lovely climate, leisure activities and spectacular landscapes. It is no wonder why Lake Como is the best destination to visit in Lombardy.

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