Lake viewLooking for some ideas for Easter holidays?

Lake Como has a wide variety of natural beauty and cultural activities perfect for the family, friends or couple looking for a holiday over the Easter period.

We have picked some of our favourite holiday solutions for a perfect holiday at the lake:

Villa delle Rose1 – Rent a chalet on the western coast of the lake and enjoy hiking in the surrounding mountains

2 – If you want to go holiday with a one or two other families, why not rent a villa? You can find some nice properties ideal for two families that are very reasonable when you divide the costs two families.

3 – Choose a holiday rental in the Tremezzina area and visit the  beautiful villas and gardens that have been featured in  films including Star Wars and James Bond

Villa Wellness4 – Spend a week in our top private villa with spa where peace, privacy and relaxation are guaranteed.

We can offer whatever you are looking for!

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