The Festa of Ferragosto is an Italian Bank Holiday celebrated on August 15th and marking the beginning of Italy’s famous summer holiday period.  In fact Italians  rather than just closing for a day, take their annual holidays around Ferragosto, closing up for anything from a week or two to the entire month of August.

The name Ferragosto dates back to Ancient Roman times when Emperor Augustus instigated his Feriae Augusti, or Festival of Augustus, to link existing festivals and give workers a rest after the harvest.
Today it’s a day when everything stops: people are off work and most of the shops are closed , however gift shops and tourist attractions are usually still open for business.

Many towns surrounding Lake Como organize festivals, music, food, parades and firework displays during the days leading up to Ferragosto….and the Italians sure know how to celebrate in style! If you’re planning a holiday at Lake Como enjoy a good party, go to the beach, a festival or go to see the fireworks  to join the celebrations!

News and events in and around Lake Como:

10th August Firework display in Colico
11th -16th-17th-19th August: Tremezzina Music Festival at Parco T. Olivelli
11th August Firework display in Menaggio
15th August  Firework display in Lenno, overlooking the Gulf of Venus. The fireworks can be seen from almost anywhere on the lake.
11th and 18th August evening market in Menaggio
19th and 20th August “The Green Night” in Menaggio,  food markets, lots of music in various locations of the town, dances, aperitifs, ice cream…
18th-19th-20th “Sagra sapori antichi”  in the cellars of Vico village of Vercana (CO) In the beautiful and quaint village of Vico, a dozen of old private wine cellars are set up differently and allow wine tasting and local products, after paying for a pass , the There is also the option of dining at the end of the visit in the cellars. In the cellars you can buy wine, cheese, honey and other local products.

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