The northern part of Lake Como, known as Alto Lario, is not only a popular tourist destination but it is also well known for its’ fine regional food and wine traditions.

Domaso is one of the most famous and hospitable villages of the Alto Lario. Here Daniele Travi and his wife, Roberta Beltracchini wanted to realize their ambition setting up an activity which was more than just a commercial farm-holding;  it turned out to be a true cultural adventure. Thanks to this family’s commitment, they created a company in order to preserve the history of Sorsasso wines.  So they started replanting their own vineyards with a locally ancient vine, the Verdessa, a white wine grape, that was disappeared and associating it with other complementary grapes, like Merlot, Croatina and Sangiovese.

Today, the company cultivates five hectares of vineyards on hand-built  terraces with the aid of installed cable ways, and has a new wine cellar with the most modern equipment, where they produce the “Domasino” white wine which is characterized by its freshness and by its delicate floral perfumes, the “Domasino” red wine with its bright ruby colour and pleasant aroma of red fruit, and, latest production, the “Domasino” rosé wine. The company produces also grappa and blueberry-grappa based liqueurs and a vinegar.

The word “Domasino” comes from the term that was formerly used for the wines from the territory above Domaso. The terraced vineyards, exposed to the mild and breezy climate from the western shore of Lake Como, produce grapes of outstanding quality and value. From these grapes, wines with unique drink characteristics and elegance are produced.

If you happen to be in the area of Domaso, why not stop to taste these local products at the Crotto Farmhouse (Booking is required for wine tasting, lunches and dinners) or directly at the wine cellars “Antico Cantinone di Domaso”(no booking required).

With its worldwide famous resorts, Valtellina is a viable day excursion for wine tours from Lake Como. Valtellina has made been a wine producing area for more than 2000 years. Leonardo Da Vinci wrote about the wines of Valtellina in his Codex Atlanticus, saying Valtellina was a “valley surrounded by tall and fearsome mountains” and that it made wines that are “heady and strong”. And this observation still holds true today!

The principal grape variety is Nebbiolo, locally called Chiavennasca and it produces Valtellina- Sforzato di Valtellina, Valtellina Superiore which is broken down into different crus : Grumello, Inferno, (the most powerful wines tend to come from here), Maroggia, Sassella, and Valgella (the most delicate wines tend to come from here).

A daily excursion is definitely worth a visit during your stay at Lake Como!

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